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Saturday, February 19 @ 8pm

Paramount presents the Laser Spectacular. It's the smash hit multi-media laser and light show, featuring the Original Master Recordings of Pink Floyd.


Laser Spectacular carries listeners away on a mind-expanding journey, driven by cutting-edge effects, high-powered lasers, and large screen video projection; all choreographed to the masterful soundtrack of Pink Floyd. The Laser Spectacular has become a must-see classic for Floyd fans of all ages.


A Totally Immersive Experience

The first half viewed through 3-D glasses features  Dark Side of the Moon. The second half, viewed through mind-blowing prism glasses, rocks to Pink Floyd's The Wall.

"Over the years, the show has changed, and so has the audience. Today you see Classic Rockers, along with a new generation of Floyd fans! So, parents, score "cool points" with your teenagers and bring 'em along!"

General Admission - $30

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