The Sheik

A Silent Film

December 20 @  7:30 PM

(Doors Open @ 6:30 PM)

Paris-educated Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan (Rudolph Valentino) provides brides for wealthy Arabs. The high-spirited Lady Diana Mayo (Agnes Ayres), learning that the sheik will be in the city of Biskra, Algeria, playfully decides to disguise herself as a dancing girl to become one of the prospective brides, yet is unable to go through with the deception -- much to Ahmed's amusement. Hearing that Diana will be touring the Sahara Desert, Ahmed abducts her, intending to make her fall in love with him.

For over fifty years Dennis James has played a pivotal role in the international revival of silent films with historically authentic, fully researched and stylistically preserved live music performances. He developed his professional revival approach at Indiana University while he was a music and film student in the late 1960's. James tours worldwide under the auspices of the Silent Film Concerts production company performing to films with historical solo organ, piano, and chamber ensemble accompaniments in addition to presentations with major symphony orchestras throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. James is renowned for providing the most comprehensive selection of silent films accompanied with period-authentic live musical scoring presentations available today.

MPAA Rating: NR

Runtime: 1h 26m

Genre: Classic/Drama/Romance


$12 General Admission

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